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Porcine Care

Pigs have a funny way of getting into trouble. Whether you need urgent medical care, hoof trims, tusk trims or just basic wellness checks, our staff is here to help.



Wellness Exams 

Annual wellness exams are fundamental in maintaining long-term health for your companions. Routine vaccinations, maintenance lab work, parasite prevention, nutrition plans are just some of the key topics discussed in yearly checkups. 

What to expect:

Whether they are a farm companion, a production animal, or a full herd, you can expect a well-rounded, thorough assessment of your animal's general health. Your vet will also provide insight and answers to any questions and/or concerns you may have. Our staff is trained to use techniques involving low stress and positive reward in order for you and your animals to have the most positive experience possible. Depending on our clients' needs, we offer care at our clinic or for large herds we provide farm calls with ambulatory services.

General Condition
Your vet will begin by assessing your animal's general condition from body weight, to coat and skin health, to any obvious lumps or other abnormalities. They will then discuss these findings with you and go over any specific concerns you might have.

Nose-to-tail Exam

Your doctor will then go ahead with what we call, a "nose-to-tail" exam. This includes a thorough, hands-on exam of your animal. They will begin by looking at their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose for any discharge, growths, signs of disease, excessive plaque, and/or any other abnormalities.

Next, they will move on to internal health. Lymph nodes will be examined for any signs of swelling or pain. Their abdomen will be assessed as well to check for any abnormalities in the internal structures. The vet will also determine if there are any issues regarding their heart or lungs by listening to them in a resting position. 

Vaccinations and Testing

Once your vet has ensured your animal is healthy enough handle annual/semi-annual vaccinations, those will be administered gently and efficiently. We will also recommend testing their fecal for intestinal parasites and putting them on a regular deworming schedule based on their results. Regular blood testing is always recommended during annual visits, especially in our senior patients. This allows us to stay ahead of any possible diseases or abnormalities and possibly provide treatment before it becomes a problem.


Wellness Plans

Before your visit is over, your vet will go over any necessary wellness plans based on your animal's assessment. This may include dietary instructions, regular medications and/or therapies, any necessary recheck appointments or referrals for further treatment, and any other general advice they might have. 

Surgical Procedures

The thought of your companion having surgery can be a source of anxiety and stress for many animal owners. Our compassionate veterinary team is trained to make sure that they are well cared for from the moment you drop them off, until you pick them back up. Whether your goat needs minor surgery or a complex procedure, our surgical services can benefit your pet and possibly even save their life. Before surgery day, we will do any necessary testing and treatments in order to ensure your goat has the best possible outcome. On surgery day, our goal is to provide you and your animal with a stress-free, safe, and successful experience. 

Common surgeries we offer to our porcine patients: 

  • Standard castrations

  • Cryptorchid castrations

  • Spays

  • Laceration repair

  • Mass removal

  • Minor trauma repair

  • Reproduction issues

  • Hoof and tusk trims

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Do you have questions or concerns about your pigs health? Call us to find out more information.


New Patients Welcome

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