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Discounts & Specials

At Northwest Florida Animal Clinic, we strive to make our services affordable and practical for all people and all animals. Check out some of our current discounts below and keep in touch for any future specials!​

Image by Stephen Andrews

Farm Call Discounts for Outlying Areas

In an attempt to provide routine services to outlying areas, we offer reduced farm call charges to designated areas on designated days.

Each Wednesday of the month:


  • Navarre/Gulf Breeze – 1st Wednesday

  • Cantonment/Molino- 2nd Wednesday

  • Baker/Holt - 3rd Wednesday

  • East Milton – 4th Wednesday

What we will treat on our Discount Farm Call Days?

We Treat EQUINES AND COWS on our discount farm call days.

  • Annual wellness exams or herd checks

  • Annual sedated oral exams and dental floats for horses

  • Annual and semi-annual vaccinations

  • Annual fecal checks for parasite testing

  • Annual coggins test 

  • Sheath cleanings

  • Health Certificates

In order to receive the discounted rate, we require at least three farms needing services in your area. We will contact you the Tuesday prior to your scheduled visit to let you know how many appointments we have scheduled and approximately what time to expect us to arrive. 

Keep in mind, the schedule is likely to change with several variables for these days. We do our very best to give you notice to any changes that may arise as we learn of them. We ask that you please be patient, flexible and kind. If there are less than four calls, you may reschedule for another Wednesday or elect to divide the full farm call charge between the scheduled clients.

Our goal is to provide veterinary service to you and your neighbors as we realize your area does not have a local large animal veterinarian.

Dental Specials


February and October are...

Our discount dental months! Have you noticed your pet's breath smelling worse than normal, or seen an excessive amount of plaque or tartar? You know your pet needs a dental cleaning but wish it was a little less expensive? Well every February and October we offer 10% off all dentals!


This discount applies to all animals, large and small.

Small animals: You can expect to come in to the clinic at 8 am to drop off your pet and sign consent forms. We will communicate with you throughout the day with updates and you will pick them up as soon as they are ready to go home -- which is usually around 3-5 pm.

Large animals: When you schedule your appointment, you may either haul in, or we can come to your for a farm call. We will most likely offer light sedation and then float their teeth.

Small Animal
Annual Packages

We know sometimes your vet bill can add up! When you bring your dog or cat in for their yearly exam and vaccines, we offer a 10% discount for patients who receive all recommended yearly vaccines and testing during their annual visit.

dog and cat friendship.jpg



  • Distemper/Parvovirus/


       Leptospirosis Vaccine

  • Rabies 1 Year Vaccine

  • Bordatella Vaccine

  • Heartworm Test

  • Fecal Test (parasites)

  • Rhinotracheitis/Calicivirus       /Panleukopenia Vaccine

  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine

  • Rabies 1 Year Vaccine​

  • Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Test

  • Fecal Test (parasites)

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