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Quality of Life & The Loss of a Pet

As animal lovers, we know the endless joy that comes with sharing a life with our animal companions. We are also aware of how difficult it can be when their quality of life begins to diminish. The short span on a pet's life is something that we wish we could fix, but unfortunately cannot. We can, however, provide you and your pet with comfort and support when it comes time to make the final decision. We offer humane euthanasia so that your pet can say goodbye with dignity, love, and without pain.

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An impossible decision...

Deciding when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved companion can be the most difficult decision you will ever have to make. Our veterinarians are here to offer their support and advice based on your pet's quality of life exam.  


Many of our patients have been coming to see us since they were babies, so this is a process that we often feel as deeply as we would if it were our own pet. A piece of our hearts are lost with them too.



We are proud to say we now offer free one on one consultations to assist you with this difficult decision. Preplanning saves a lot of stress when we are faced with the loss of a loved one. Contact us to be scheduled with one of our qualified staff members. We are here to offer whatever you need in this difficult time -- whether that be advice, sympathy, a tissue, or a hug.

We have offered a quality of life chart for you to use at home as a helpful guide to help monitor your pets activity and behavior. 

If you're concerned about your pet's quality of life, call today and let us offer our support.

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