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Other Animals We Care For

Because we are a mixed animal clinic, we proudly provide comprehensive, compassionate veterinary care for all kinds of animals -- large and small. Our veterinarians are highly knowledgeable about many other types of animals that are not explicitly listed. We care for our local Zoo animals, including some exotics. However, wildlife animals among exotic animals do require certain licensing to own and or treat. 

If you have a unique animal and you're not sure whether we can provide veterinary care, feel free to call us during normal business hours to discuss your pet. If we cannot provide treatment, we are always happy to help in any way that we can to assist in getting the care your pet needs. 

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We're dedicated to the
well-being of all animals

The vets and staff at our clinic provide a full range of services and treatments for your animals in Pace, Florida and the surrounding areas. 


Whether you need care for your family pet or your performance animal, our veterinary team uses current technology, an on-site diagnostics laboratory, and fully stocked pharmacy to provide your pet with the quality care they deserve.

Not sure whether we can treat your animal?
Call us today and let us offer our help!

New Patients Welcome

Looking for a vet in Nothwest Florida? We're always happy to welcome new patients!

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